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DLP Help Services consulting services to solve data leakage concerns:

(We support all products and architectures)

1. Artificail Intelligence (AI) deployment concerns

Is your business looking to deploy AI across the business without exposing data to leakage?

Avoid the mistakes most companies are working through that impact data security when deploying AI by leveraging our experts who have been deploying AI and UEBA for over a decade.

Most business application are utilizing an element of AI in their workflow, we can help you be sure your data isn't being siphoned out of your business.

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2. Data security architecture and deployment concerns

Is your business looking to deploy data protection across the business without disrupting user workflow?

Avoid the mistakes most companies make that will cause business impact and embarrassing technical blunders by leveraging our experts who have been securing data for more than 2 decades.

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3. Compliance Concerns

Do you want to be sure you are meeting the data requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FERC/NERC, GLBA, EAR, ITAR, FISMA, FERPA, and want to conform to your favorite framework like NIST, ISO, CMMS, SOC2?

If responsible data management is something you are after we can help you get there.

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4. Loss prevention concerns

Worried about risky business practices and user mistakes that cause data loss?

Want to put in the proper guiderails to prevent users from accidentally leaking data or sharing content with the wrong people?

Have you tried DLP solutions that cause business interference? Would you like your DLP solution to be less intrusive to user activity but still maintain good data security posture and visibility?

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5. Modernization concerns

Are you moving from your VPN/ SDWAN architecture to a SASE virtual cloud environment and want to maintain control of your data assets across the cloud? Did you know your local DLP client will likely conflict with your SASE DLP client?

Are you looking to leverage M365 E5 (MS Purview DLP) license to replace an existing DLP vendor? Want to know if you can and what the move will require for your existing team?

Are you integrating you your data security solutions with your identity provider (IDP) or want to know why you should?

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6. Business cloud app migration concerns

Are you moving to cloud –based application architecture or you already?

Looking to control cloud app data srpawl?

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7. Mergers and acquisition data security concerns

Is your business merging and would like to perform a risk analysis to build a plan to protect the data?

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8. Cloud data protection concerns

Are you concerned about data sprawl across the cloud? Do you have Onedrive/ Box, Git, Jira, Teams, Cloud apps and want to protect your data with encryption where possible?

Has your business made the move to cloud and are worried about private data exposure?

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9. Data security environment best practice concerns

Data lifecycle analytics - Data flow analytics - Would you like to understand how data is created and is used within your business so you can build a solid data protection schema?

Data loss incidents - have you had a breach or data loss and are looking to improve your data security posture?

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10. Data security threat hunting and data risk analytics

Proactive loss prevention - Get proactive with your data security

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11. Data security product evaluations and comparisons

Do you have multiple products that claim to perform DLP and want to know the best architectures for your business?

Are you evaluating DLP or data risk solutions and want to choose the best outcome for your business?

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12. Data encryption

Is your business interested in ways to encrypt data but want to avoid complicating business workflow and still share data with 3rd parties securely? We have multiple technology partners and methodologies to provide the best available business solutions for data encryption.

Want to encrypt sensitive emails? We can help you decide the best way to do this for your business with the least productivity impact.

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